Sunday, 13 May 2007


Again another image I’ve a while, I should have added this ages ago. I did quite a bit of work to this in Photoshop. It’s a close up of a glass dish. I firstly inverted it but then I had to do lots of editing to get the dark blue lines in the middle. All these adjustments make it abstract


I know this seems a little out of place being as I’ve been posting my landscape abstract photos. This is a photo I took a while ago; I’ve done some editing to this, to get the smooth blurred effect in the background using radial blurred. I think this is an unusual image. It’s a macro part of a sharks jaw believe it or not. Use your imagination and maybe you might see some kind of strange/surreal landscape. I'm seeing some kind of a mountainous hill from above.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

A nice splash of red!

Blurry hallucination

If I was on crack the tree would have looked like that!



Hmmmmm…… time for more of my thoughts about this abstract art/photography business. I been thinking a little, yes me, thinking….! Unheard of.

I’ve decided that all art, whether it be an oil painting, or a digital photo, is abstract in some way. Every time you take a photo, reality of what you’re seeing is being altered. What do I mean? Think about it, when you take a photo you may actively alter aperture setting, shutter speeds, colour setting etc, which contributes to the reality being altered. Even if it’s a completely recognisable photo, it still is abstract for the reasons I’ve just mentioned. When you load your digital photos onto a computer and view it on the monitor, that monitor has just gone and altered the image. Then all the Photoshop alterations you may well make also contribute to it becoming more abstract. Then the final print also alters what the image was originally. The printer, the ink, the paper etc, it all alters how the image will finally look. So that’s it I guess, any piece of art is abstract to varying degrees.

I’m going all philosophical on here and say to you what is reality. Our reality is simply what we perceive it to be, and we don’t question it. However the life in which we live could all be an illusion. We would struggle to accept it, if someone came along and said there is another world, a world of reality and you were told that the life you were living was all one big illusion. This is kind of touching on Plato’s “Analogy of The Cave” theory. If you’re into light reading you should definitely read it, or watch the matrix……

I don’t what came over me, my philosophy a-level all came flooding back, kind of. Is our life real let alone what we’re photographing? We will never know……….. Maybe in an after life, if there’s such a thing. As humans we’re too small and insignificant to ever understand reality. I often think to myself, well how did we end up here, on planet earth. I often look at the stars at night and wonder what is out there and it’s kind of scary really to think of the size and the power of the universe in which we live. In truth we will never find out the answers to life. People believe in the “big bang” or in God but this is because people need to grasp onto something to believe in, because that’s all we can do is believe. Wow I’ve just gone on a typing rampage, perhaps I’ve have digressed a little.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007