Friday, 27 April 2007

"Abstracted Landscape"

Only now have I been able to get outside and do some photography, because finally its a little warmer! Went to Cornwall and boy was the weather great, really absolutely stupendous old chap......... So only now can the abstract project link to my original landscape project I wanted to do. I can't link bog standard landscapes to abstract photography, because I’m obviously avoiding representation. But I can deliberately blur the landscapes I capture by physically moving the camera. I’ve got my own method of doing this by balancing the camera (praying I don’t drop it!!) on my knee and moving the camera as much as I can as I take it. I can’t physically lift the camera off of my lap so the way I do it is the only way I can. I thank my lucky stars I can still manage with my condition. Oh yeah almost forgott, I took this at trelissick gardens.


Big Block said...

How fast can you spin your chair thru 360 degrees?

Lewis said...

relativly quickly!