Wednesday, 28 February 2007

"Symmetrical multiple"

Symmetry is something I quite often use in my imagery by simple mirroring a single image a number of times, like I've done here. Interesting and unusual shapes and patterns seem to appear when you do this. Even just the middle of the image is quite interesting in its self. An unusual pattern has appeared, almost like some kind of a surreal eye watching you. In fact the whole image is kind of surreal. It could make for a surreal sort of fantasy setting in a computer game. Perhaps an arrow would have to be fired at the eye in order to open a secret door or something lol, you can tell I used to play a lot of computer games when I was a kid, games like Zelda and metroid (classics)



Anonymous said...

All your art is really good lewis :)I like this one, reminds me of a butterfly in a strange way lol xxx

Lewis said...

yeh Emma it does actually, I never thought of that, thats why its great to hear what other people think, thanks xx