Thursday, 1 March 2007

Scan of tin foil

Ok so this little slideshow shows the original scan first and then shows the different edits I created in Photoshop, in the correct order. I didn't create the slideshow myself I used photobucket. I just thought it would be better for the blog instead of having loads of images above each other taking up loads of space. With the image I Firstly desaturated it and increased the brightness and contrast a little to make it stand more. Without increasing the brightness and contrast the image looked very dull and gray. Then I used the gradient tool both sides of the image to create this fading effect. This has given the image a little more depth and it looks almost like the image is curved, obviously because the faded edges look further away. Then I started to experiment in Photoshop with different filters and effects. I thought the extrude tool added an interesting effect making the image appear to be coming towards you or exploding. Then I thought well the extrude tool looks too obvious and particularly shows up against the white both sides of the image. Therefore I started to work on this a little more, so I duplicated the image so I had 2, 1 underneath the other. With the one underneath I added motion blur to blur the squares created with the extrude tool. Then with the image on top of the one blurred underneath, I used the erased tool to erased out the edges to show the blur underneath. I did this carefully so the 2 images merge together. After this I added the green using the colour gradient tool. The colour adds some more life to the image, wouldn't you say? I prefer the single colour used to the original colour with blue and bits of light brown. The chopped the image in half and then duplicated it and mirrored it to create the symmetrical pattern running through the middle. Then with the final image I just divided the image up. I think separating it like this makes you also look at each part of the image separately, even though its still one large piece. I think this image is taking on an unrecognisable form and most certainly is non-representational of the tin foil, so I think it’s successfully abstract.

What do you guys think of these images?


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