Sunday, 18 March 2007

Barnett Newman gone mad

Go on click on the title above!


Lewis said...

I randomly thought of Barnett Newman, when I look at this, when I accidentally rotated it. Barnett Newman produced many abstract minimalist paintings. He painting were non-objective and comprised usually of a large plain block of colour, interrupted by a thin band of colour, quite often placed to the left of the canvas, which is why I thought of him when looking at my photo, although it's very different.

Lewis said...

A very blurred, abstract effect has been captured with this photo. These sort of, what I would describe as sparks of energy have appeared. I’m not really sure I like this image that much, I think the white band captured (above the water) spoils it; I guess it could be cropped out. I think visually the image below works better, perhaps because it’s a little sharper but also those blue highlights in the bubbles makes the photo more interesting. While I'm here I can explain how I got the blue tint in that photo. There was this "blue" bottle near the vase I was photographing from and the reflection from the light seemed to pick the blue up in the photo. This was by pure chance, do you believe in fate? Yeah I do.

Sarah said...

I find similarities,from somewhere or other, that link it in my head with Clyfford Still. I think it's because of the disturbance which makes it vaguely resemble his work. I say vaguely meaning really really far out. Splendid photo though old chap.