Thursday, 1 March 2007

"pillow case"


More experiments here using my scanner. I was thinking of scanning some plain fabric to captures the folds and curves of the fabric. So I gapped a pillow case, well mum did lol being as I can't reach, being a short arse, no because in a wheelchair lol. So I had the pillow randomly placed on the scanner making sure it was scrunched up. So I did a couple of scans (4 along the top) The images created were quite interesting with lots of dark and light tones. The lightest tones are the ones closest to the bed of the scanner and the darker tones being the parts of the pillow case furthest away surface of the scanner. I wanted to get rid of the black background like with the napkin scan, for the same reason. Again I gave it more contrast. I then simply inverted the image, and added a photo filter to create the pink tones you see on some of the edges. (bottom row middle image) I think it’s a striking image with those very dark heavy tones, in contrast to the light highlights in the image. Then I took manipulation a stage further as you can see with the red image I created. So I took the inverted image and added lots of motion blur. The motion blur didn't do much for the image, it just looked blurred lol, and there were no definite shades of colour or tones. However I then used the warp tool to add the curve you see. This instantly added more definite bands running through the image. It seemed to restore more detail and brought more colour tones to the image. It brought out that white band you see running through. I think the image looks kinda 3d, don't you think? Not sure how to explain why it does, it just appears to. Perhaps this image is going too far in terms of manipulation, what do people think? If I painted I would probably create images of this sort, I'm using Photoshop as a means of creating these, cheating some might say, but I would most certainly argue against this because creating these images doesn't happen instantly. To get from the original image to that red image didn't happen instantly, it took a certain amount of time and persistence. Painting isn't an easy option for me, having md makes it a real struggle nowadays. I use computers for everything, and I’m still developing my Photoshop skills.


Just found this photographer called Jesse Cohen. One of her abstract images is really similar to the red one I've done here. Its got this 3d feel create with curves, kind of like mine. Hers arn't manipulated in photoshop shes deliberatly create the abstract blurred effect with the actual camera. to see this photo by Jesse Cohen, follow this link:


Chris Shepherd said...

Hi Lewis,

On the scans the black areas have some pink stripes in them, as you don't mention them I assume you hadn't seen them (or put them in). Might be time to calibrate your monitor if you can't see it.

The bottom 3 images make a great tryptich, worthy of framing and sticking on the wall.

Shelley Baker said...

Hi Lewis

I think you have made an incredible dull piece of fabric look like a work of art. Although you don't sound very confident with you photoshop skills I think you have created 3 pieces of work that would look fantastic on canvas.

Lewis said...

Thanks Shelly, yeah simple things do quite often surprisingly make for interesting pieces of art. No I am reasonably confident on Photoshop but you see I'm modest. To be honest I don't think you ever stop learning new stuff on ps, I love that.

Yeah I could try getting some images on canvas, I've never done that, it’s perhaps something can consider for the final presentation of my work at college.

Lewis said...

yeah Chris thankyou, I've got to say I hadn't spotted them but I knew I would crop and edit anyway so its no too important.