Friday, 2 March 2007

"Green abstract"

I know this is already on the little slide show, but the slide show doesnt really show it for long enough for you to study it, but you can now. Thought I would post it above the blue abstract as it a very similar piece.


faith said...

This puts me in mind of a kaleidoscope. I like the way the formations draw the eye and you find yourself examining the squares and comparing the images. It puts me in mind of a creatively mashed up make-up pallette - when magazines carry out beaty shoots they try and bash eyeshadows to generate texture and a colour depth and I think this is the effect they (and myself when I have tried, and failed, to do it) have been seeking!

Gene Earle George Sultan said...

Swanky and sweet. Naughty but nice! Liking the titchy cubes that scatter the details around abit. I know your not a sucker for alot of colours mixed (yes I did read ALL your comments), but I'd like to see sweetie getting invited to a colour party, some little hints of red, maybe a baby blue, colour combo's are another great factor to abstraction (as you've obviously discovered in some of the pieces.

Lewis said...

Hey great description..... Swanky but sweet? Yes that what I was thinking. You've read all the comments; you serious, nice one means you're interested. Yeah I don't always enjoy colour combos, However if it’s done well and the colours don't clash too much its ok I guess. I'm now thinking the extrude tool is kind of a bit too obvious; I've decided I’m going to start to avoid the filtering stuff, as you know. I've actually got a version of this without the extrude tool, I’ll post it.