Monday, 5 March 2007

"red abstract"

Again I’ve just added this so you can view a bigger version of this abstract. As you can see this is the version with the spattered effect, which just adds a different textural quality to the piece. To go with the texture of the piece I've deliberately made the edge textured by scratching into it by using a grass blade shaped eraser tool in Photoshop. Just thought I'd try this just to experiment and to try something different, in the hope to try and display it in a more artistic manor.

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Lewis said...

hmmmm Maybe this use of photoshop filters its perhaps a little too much, I think I prefer the red version without the splatter effect. I think I'm going to try and stop using the old filters and try and create interesting images just with my camera, and not mess with them too much. I'll just alter brightness and contrast levels and perhaps colour alterations to simply enhance a photograph slightly.