Sunday, 11 March 2007


Lewis said...

My inspiration for these has come from Mark Yamrus. I came across his work recently, it was suggested to me to look at his work. The photos by yamrus, I was most interesting in was his ice series. His images are beautiful, capturing close up details of the amazing patterns and texturing of the ice. He wanted to go to the Columbia ice fields in the Rocky Mountains. The weather was never good enough, and with time constraints and a lack of resources this never happened. Instead he had a large chunk of ice delivered to his home in California, photographing them in his studio. He said the ice melted and changed quickly "reminding him time is life's true constant" Everything in this world is constantly changing, moving, dying. Time is the only thing that doesn't.

Lewis said...

follow this link to see Ice images by franc yamrus.

A wierd website, but you'll find it your looking for "the Dehon Ice Fields" You'll find a description of the works and a collection of the images. When you load the site,nothing will come up other than this tiny "Y" in a box in the middle of the screen (I trust you have great eye sight) so click on that then the next screen will be his name, click on the "y" (theres no instructions its a guessing game) The next page youll find blank boxes? Scroll the mouse over the top middle box and click. Then you can view the gallary of ice images (phew)